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Bernard Looney


Ray Dempsey


“For me, it’s very, very simple. People are treated with respect, people should absolutely feel safe – we shouldn’t even have to question that. And, if ever we find people who are not supportive or aligned with that agenda, then they don’t belong in our company.” – Bernard Looney,

At BP they are committed to improving workforce diversity, workplace inclusion, and ensuring that their customers and communities’ benefit from positive inclusive experiences. One of the ways that they achieving this is through increasing their annual expenditure with diverse suppliers, to $1 billion by 2025. BP’s employee networks are also critical to their diversity and inclusion commitments. Their Positively Ethnic Network (PEN), which promotes the inclusion and representation of ethnic minorities at bp, formed the Widening Participation program in the UK. The program aims to promote the recruitment and advancement of UK-based ethnic minority employees, by giving them education in STEM. Additionally, BP supports support WeThe15, the human rights movement that aims to end discrimination against persons ‎with disabilities. BP Pride, their LGBT+ centered employee network developed the Safe Space and Allies core programs to help create an inclusive work environment for all. They also promote gender inclusivity by partnering with organizations llike WeAreTechWomen, Women’s Engineering Society in the UK and the Society of Women Engineers in the US.

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