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Texas Instruments

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Richard Templeton


Yesenia Moore


“An inclusive environment is essential at Texas Instruments. It enables our global workforce to contribute openly and without barriers. In this environment, diversity thrives and every employee— no matter where they are and what job they hold— has the opportunity to take part in the company’s success.” – Rich Templeton

At Texas Instruments (TI) leaders understand how important diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are to the success of their organization and are committed to furthering these values. Their commitment begins with the Texas Instruments Diversity Networks (TIDN). Each network focuses on the needs of different diverse groups within the company. Additionally, senior leaders sponsor the initiatives which offer employees forums in which they can discuss challenges, present new ideas, and develop educational programs. They also provide career development, community involvement, recognition, and mentorship support. Aside from the TIDN, TI has a number of programs to further their DEI initiatives. TI hosts a number of events such as a religious symposium to discuss the impact of religion on the workplace, fireside chats with senior leaders and members of the board of directors and welcome events for new hires. They also implemented the TI Talk Lecture series for all employees with guest speakers who offer insights on topics such as: unconscious bias, generations in the workforce, and changing societal demographics.

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