Dan Holly

For women and people of color, it’s all about changing conventional wisdom

It’s entirely possible that, a year from now, the first woman president will be in office.

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Cait Flanders (Andrew Williamson)

The One-Year Shopping Ban: How This Woman Lived On Just 51% Of Her Income

A month later (and a year ago today), she embarked upon a year-long shopping ban. Over the year, she got rid of 70% of her stuff, lived on just 51% of her income ($28,000 CAD, $22,000 USD), saved 31% (about $17,000 CAD, $13,500 USD) and traveled on the last 18%, with two trips to New […]

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Women behaving badly

Women behaving badly

  You’ve probably seen the bumper stickers: “Well behaved women seldom make history.” Women’s History Month is an opportune time to explore that slogan. I’ll admit, the bumper sticker was off-putting for me when I first saw it. It seemed to be glorifying discord and turmoil. It seemed to be telling women that if they […]

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Entrepreneur Profile: Winnie Chan

The priorities and perseverance of Winnie Chan, as she leads her cosmetics brand, Maylan Skincare.

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Are Corporate Boards Unconsciously Biased Against Women CEOs?

How do assessments identify the “CEO leadership traits” in women and are the assessments more focused on how those traits are traditionally exhibited in men?

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Observations on Advancement of Women in the Workplace

Even when taking mentoring and skills into account, men had received 72% of promotions compared with 65% of the women.

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Walmart Canada Finds Innovative Approaches to Raising up Women Managers

More than half of [Walmart] Canada’s full-time managers, in the home office and in the field, are women.

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Pam’s Blog:  Insights

On The High Rise…

    I find it amazing that everyone is just now comfortably talking about how white females are the group that has benefited the most from civil rights. Not sure what the marketplace understands about the advancement of white females, but all I want to do is shed some light on the realities and position […]

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