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GE #8: Best Place For Women and Diverse Managers to Work

GE #8: DiversityMBA’s Best Place To Work for Women and Diverse Managers to Work.

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  In my town, there are far too many of them. Usually, but not always, they are men. They always look shabby and worn out. They stand at highway entrance and exit ramps giving passing vehicles as much information as will fit on their hand-held cardboard signs: Lost my job. Lost my house. Wife (or […]

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TRUST…..who YOU…..?

  It is a common practice for organizations to focus on creating sustainable environments. With marketplace uncertainty and the competitive nature of talent, it is becoming more and more important for both potential hires and for current employees that the company’s culture supports loyalty, inclusion, respect and TRUST.   I would like to focus this […]

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DMBA 2015 50 Out Front Presentation

Presenting the 2015 50 Out Front Best Places for Women & Diverse Managers to Work

On September 17th,2015 DiversityMBA Presented the 50 Out Front Best Places For Women and Diverse Manager To work with awards at the DoubleTree by Hilton, in Oak Brook, IL.

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DMBA 2015 Top 100 Uner 50 Awardees

DiversityMBA 2015 Top 100 Under 50 Awardees

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Walmart Canada Finds Innovative Approaches to Raising up Women Managers

More than half of [Walmart] Canada’s full-time managers, in the home office and in the field, are women.

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Women Executive leading a meeting

It is Time to Raise the Bar – and Time for Women Leaders to Step Up

“…if we are not representing the whole population in the board room there will always be a tendency to create business around only a certain group of people and not the population as a whole.”

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Gallery Guichard Teaches Chinese MBA Students About Art & Gallery Management

For the past two years, Gallery Guichard has worked with 12 international interns from China attending the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT).

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