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Tuskegee University Reaffirms Ties to Africa

Building on a relationship that started over 80 years ago, Tuskegee University, an HBCU, helps it’s Liberian sister school rebuild and refocus after years of civil war.

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Professional Networking

Our Best Professional Networking Articles

Here are some of best professional networking articles. The venues change but the need to engage with people, make a positive impression, and build trust will always exist. Here’s how you do it.

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Online Edition of Diversity MBA Magazine 2012 Fall Issue

Read our 2012 Fall Issue Online

The 2012 Fall Issue of Diversity MBA Magazine is here and free to read online.

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Cheat Sheet: Job Boards of the 2012 50 Out Front Companies

Take a look at opportunities with companies that show a consistent commitment to diversity, inclusive corporate culture and diverse talent development. We believe that the winning companies in our 50 Out Front are some of the best places for professionals to work.

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5 Top LinkedIn Tactics for Businesses by Keidra Chaney

LinkedIn: It’s not just for networking any longer. Learn how to use the professional reference web site to enhance your company’s recognition and even growth.

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Civil Rights Institutions In The 21st Century: NAACP, Rainbow PUSH, NAN

Diversity institutions such as NAACP, NAN and PUSH have been with us for decades and have been instrumental in making essential strides. How, though, have their missions and activities changed over the years? We discuss it with three of them.

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LGBT Inclusion & Diversity in the Workplace by Wesley Combs

LGBT employees have been long known to be some of the most loyal, efficient, and productive in companies. Unfortunately, many firms don’t provide a friendly atmosphere for them, often without even realizing it.

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Diversity MBA Magazine Names 2012 Diverse Executives and Emerging Leaders

DiversityMBA Magazine, an internationally distributed publication targeting women and multicultural professionals in corporate America, government, entrepreneurs and business students, has named the 2012 Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive and Emerging Leaders.

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