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“A successful D&I effort should include the participation and involvement of the organization’s chief executive officer with strong commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. D&I leaders and facilitators should also include crossfunctional representatives of leaders, managers, supervisors, employees, and customer and supplier advocates with strong commitments to diversity and inclusion.”

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Entrepreneur Profile: Winnie Chan

The priorities and perseverance of Winnie Chan, as she leads her cosmetics brand, Maylan Skincare.

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Are Corporate Boards Unconsciously Biased Against Women CEOs?

How do assessments identify the “CEO leadership traits” in women and are the assessments more focused on how those traits are traditionally exhibited in men?

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Observations on Advancement of Women in the Workplace

Even when taking mentoring and skills into account, men had received 72% of promotions compared with 65% of the women.

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Walmart Canada Finds Innovative Approaches to Raising up Women Managers

More than half of [Walmart] Canada’s full-time managers, in the home office and in the field, are women.

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I don’t like YOU…I think?

    Bias — is it inherently a part of our DNA or is it a learned behavior? That is a question that has long been asked and, as recent events have shown, is as relevant as ever. I want to provide some perspective on this topic.         We talk about diversity […]

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Why Disagreement is the Key to Collaboration

Collaborators should not only not think negatively about conflict, they should love it!

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Fueling the Funnel?

  How is your organization’s commitment to seeking out and engaging young talent so they want to be a part of your universe? If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I am just referring to the outreach practices companies are claiming they do so expertly and routinely — attracting the most talented, the most gifted […]

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