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Toyota President Akio Toyoda shown during a news conference after the arrest of global communications chief Julie Hamp. Said Toyoda: "Ms. Hamp is a very important, trustworthy friend."
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Bumps in Toyota’s road to diversity

TOKYO — Just three months ago, Akio Toyoda sent shock waves through Toyota Motor Corp., promoting three non-Japanese executives to top positions at headquarters in an effort to make the company’s leadership reflect its global reach. Yet a pair of culture clashes last week suggest that the Toyota chief’s effort to shake up the company […]

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2015 50 Out Front

2015 50 Out Front Best Places for Women & Diverse Managers To Work

Diversity MBA announces the 2015 50 Out Front Best Places For Women & Diverse Women To Work: #1. AT&T.

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2015 Inclusive Leadership Benchmarking

2015 Inclusive Leadership Index – Benchmarking Survey – Specialty List

The “Best in Class” awards recognize the Top 10 companies in each of the areas the magazine benchmarks, recognizing the companies that have demonstrated consistency and excellence and best practices in management and leadership in each area. The six areas measured are Recruitment, Representation, Succession Planning, Workplace Inclusion, Accountability, and Board Diversity. The “Best in […]

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The Making of a Multicultural Super Consumer

    Consumer | 03-18-2015 Multicultural consumers are rapidly becoming the core of the U.S. population. Today, African-American, Asian American and Hispanic consumers account for more than 120 million people combined (38% of the total population). These groups are projected to increase by 2.3 million each year before becoming a numeric majority of the population […]

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Are Corporate Boards Unconsciously Biased Against Women CEOs?

How do assessments identify the “CEO leadership traits” in women and are the assessments more focused on how those traits are traditionally exhibited in men?

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Observations on Advancement of Women in the Workplace

Even when taking mentoring and skills into account, men had received 72% of promotions compared with 65% of the women.

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How to Create a Positive Work Culture

When the environment we work in is positive, we become more engaged and committed employees.

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Walmart Canada Finds Innovative Approaches to Raising up Women Managers

More than half of [Walmart] Canada’s full-time managers, in the home office and in the field, are women.

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